Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Microsoft update KB908531
Author Lester Caine
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

> Hi all,
> Due to a serious omission on my part, my HP laptop was
> set to automatically install Microsoft updates. One
> that arrived on Sunday appears to have been poisonous -
> KB908531.
> The symptoms were that some programs - Word for one -
> would hang when opening a file selection dialog box.
> The box did not appear and the program never recovered.
> In Word, the problem occurred in a SAVE AS command. In
> Visual Studio, ADDing existing files to a project caused
> the problem
> The other patches in the update appear not to have ill
> effects. Removing patch KB908531 resolved all the problems.
> The problem is probably obscure and related to hardware
> and software configurations (HP pavillion zv5000, XP Pro
> Service Pack 2), however, if your Windows system shows
> signs of illness after installing updates, try removing
> this one first.

Sounds like the same problem Helen has been having with her machine?
So it's probably not that obscure ;)

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