Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Comparison of products
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Someone who is familiar with PostgreSQL and Firebird might want to
> plug it over in the borland.public.delphi.thirdpartytools.general
> newsgroup--theres a post there (titled: 'A great article on Postgresql
> development') that would be nice to have an informed response to--I
> wouldn't mind seeing a comparison either. (I find it a bit funny that
> most of the thread is how to pronouce PortgreSQL and not technical
> information).

Tony is known to be a PostgreSQL advocat, like we are for Firebird. He
also develops an admin tool for PostgreSQL.

Both products have their strength and weakness. PostgreSQL is more close
to the big ones when it comes to supporting concepts like table spaces,
schemata and such. Pretty new in PostgreSQL is the two-phase commit
protocol, but AFAIK PostgreSQL doesn't support the isolation level

Firebird? We all know why we like it. ;-)

A bit-outdated (one year old), but the following might be of interest.

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