Subject Re: Marketing done wrong?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Excepting the heading, I really liked the article. Something like
"Worrying about choosing Firebird?" and then discussing the possible
worries is something that I think may be of help for quite a few
people. Maybe primarily as a page developers who love Firebird, but
have problems getting acceptance amongst their customers, can refer
their customers to.


--- In, "paulruizendaal" wrote:
> See:
> i1172668,00.html
> On the one hand clever, people will read it and have some worries
> dismissed.
> On the other hand stupid. Many people will only come across the
> headline and equally many will read it as a list of known weak points
> of PG.
> I would recommend that we do not immitate this style.
> Paul