Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird whitepaper
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I've posted the text of a new white paper about Firebird. I'd
> appreciate community feedback to further improve it.
> You can find it here:
> Paul

Stored Procedures. Firebird supports stored procedures. The procedure bodies can be written in Firebird's powerful
native procedural SQL language, and through a plugin interface in other languages. Currently plugins are available for
Java, dotNet and C/C++. A custom build of Firebird, "Fyracle", can also handle Oracle syntax PL/SQL stored procedures
and triggers.

I would indicate somehow that "plugin interface in other languages" is not available in main FB branch
(to avoid complaints on suppot list).

Auditing. Firebird does not offer auditing built into the core engine. Auditing is offered through a companion
product, IBLogmanager.

To me it sounds like IBLogManager is free product too.

I am also missing description of one great Firebird feature - events.