Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Linuxquestions voting ended
Author Dariusz Zelichowski
Waiddaminute! Just a week or so ago I, and others, have been informed here, on this list that FB doesn't compete with MySQL at all.

As for "newsworthy"... That particular voting it was newsworthy when FB lost by only 2 votes to MySQL last year, and by 1 vote to Postgresql a year before that. You may check this mailing list. There was quite a commotion.

So what what changed to influence newsworthiness of the poll? It's not like FB is opting for New York Times front page yet, is it?

As for the newsworthy part...

Martijn Tonies <m.tonies@...> wrote:

> Which part of my post am I wrong about?

The part about that we didn't loose against "no competition".

That being said, this is hardly a poll newsworthy.

> > Firebird didn't do nearly as well as in previous years.
> >
> > Oh well, at least we didn't loose against anything that is really FB's
> competition :D
> >
> >
> >
> I hate to bring it to you, but you're wrong :-)

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