Subject Re: 2 minutes to know firebird - now in HTML
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Referential Integrity is how you call the feature of having related
tables linked by a "common" field, like a master table and s detail
table, in practical examples: "Invoices" would be a master table and
"Invoice's products" its detail table.

Multi Generational Architecture is the way Firebird handles
concurrency. It uses records versions to control what data each
transaction is "seeing". It is also called Versioning.

I hope this clarifies things up. If you need more info:


--- In, "nagypapi" <nagypapi@...> wrote:
> > > 1.Could you please explain to me what do you mean by these two
> exactly:
> > > # Referential Integrity
> > > # Multi Generational Architecture
> >
> > I'm not sure how I should explain this :) They are technical terms, so
> > I think you don't need to translate it :)
> They must mean something :) Or should I put in some nice sounding
> hungarian technical jabber instead? ;)
> (If I see referential integrity written somewhere, my first
> more-or-less relative thought would be "Is that a speck of dust on my
> monitor?"... What "multi generational architecture" implies I cannot
> write for sake of good taste ;) )
> Cheers,
> John