Subject Re: The Firebird image
Author nagypapi
> 1) Some people here argue that "you should do this and that".
> Well, we don't. We are all volunteers. We do just what we are able to
> do, what we have time to do.

I am not telling what you should do, that's a bad viewing angle. I'm
telling what I feel is keeping back people. The project should do what
makes it achieve its goals. If these goals contain luring more and
more poeple into the project, then my trumpeting was just. This
attractive db engine, which has endless hours of hard earned spare
time put into it, is not recieving tenth as much as it is giving. And
that is just plain wrong. It's like courting a girl for years and just
getting a few kisses. Good good, but not quite there yet... :)

If you do something, why not make the Earth tremble while you're at
it? By now your success shouldn't depend on me putting my hand up