Subject RE: [Firebird-general] The Firebird image
Author Nigel Weeks
> But I did choose Firebird and why? Because I'm a maniac who loves to
> poke around in things. The size and easy installation, the embedded
> option and maybe mostly the event mechanism was what catched my eye.
> First I chose mysql which periodicly corrupted my db, that's why I
> even started looking for something else. And I do love it, but I don't
> think our kind is the majority.
> Are there any plans on upgrading the web page? You're in the news now,
> not an opportunity to waste

It's certainly not official, but...:
Is about to go live, with the following:

Freely contributable documentation system(in good old plain text) akin to's docs
Articles, news and tutorials, with download kits you can
purchase($5,$10,$15), supporting the Firebird Foundation.
A database installation register(so we can find out how far Firebird
A user register(who knows, you might want a DBA from your area for some

I like Firebird too!