Subject Re: MySQL to Fight Oracle With Fire(bird)?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> The whole "before Jim","during Jim" and "after Jim" is pretty messy,
> and one statement contradicts another. At the present time it's
> hard to say if we have what we like, or just trying to feel
> satisfied with what we have.

my feelings about all this issue as a developer:

- Jim is just great and should be respected in all ways;

- it was very hard to talk to Jim when one has different opinion to
his own (at least that is my own experience);

- almost all features that are implemented in Firebird 2.0 were
already done before Jim joined the project;

- Jim contributed Vulcan code for us and we have quite a huge amount
of work to merge it with FB 2.0 codebase;

- personally I will miss his posts in firebird-architect;

It is pretty clear that project does not depend on Jim, though it
would be good to have him somewhere around, some kind of Google
interface to Jim asking him his opinion on ideas that we want to
implement. :))