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> > It's under New visitors -> Novice's Guide
> Yup. In fact:

Although these documents are all in place, to me, it would make more sense
to have a prominent link or banner on the home page which pointed out the
obvious to potential new users. Something like:

= New to Firebird? =
= Check out the quick start guides =

In all honesty*, and its probably only me :-), I think the homepage for
Firebird is outdated. The homepage is, and should be, an opportunity to
enlighten and excite those who know nothing or very little about Firebird.
At the moment new users are bombarded by license info and development
environments, a plethora of menu options, often duplicated on the right and
by the drop down menus at the top. Personally, I never feel excited when I
go there, and I often visit. When you look at the main page of other open
source databases, the initial look, and color scheme is one that is simple,
pleasing to the eye, offers concise, brief statements with links for further
information. And fits within a browser set to 1024x768 without scrolling.

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