Subject RE: [Firebird-general] We should take advantage of all this
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Right now, due to Jim moving to MySQL, Firebird is on the "media" in a
> way it never was before.
> We are loosing this oportunity to attact new users to FB. I'm sure
> lots of people reading all those articles on ZDNet, eWeek, etc. are
> meating Firebird for the first time.
> I think it would be good to create a clean *short* document describing
> Firebird major features and put it in highlight in the
> main page. Something like "Get to know Firebird in
> 2 minutes".

I remember, when I was on the FF committee, there have been two nice
"factsheets" created by a few people. One general about Firebird and a
second with the enhancements in Firebird 1.5.