Subject RE: [Firebird-general] MySQL to Fight Oracle With Fire(bird)?
Author Paul Beach
> "MySQL take the brains behind FB" (all the brains ???)

Nope, I'll leave it up to you to define who the brains are....
Jim may have been the brains behind InterBase -> Firebird, and
he may have been the brains behind Vulcan, but there are other
brains working on the project.

> "MySQL bought Netfrastructure a firebird technology based firm (or
> something like this)" (does NF runs over FB ?)

Nope, the only way you can move data from FB to NF, or vice-versa is
via a JDBC driver....

> "FB embedded database" (FB is just an embedded database ?)

Nope, based on a paper IBPhoenix are writing for a potential user
then this is emphatically not true...

> "Jim Starkey work on FB project since 2000" (really ?)
> and so on...

Nope not really, initially Jim was involved in the spin off, however
Ann and I were the brains behind that. Jim has helped IBPhoenix with
Firebird in various ways since Firebird was born, but only indirectly.
Jims active involvement in the project has been Vulcan. Oh and of course
his posts to the devel and architect lists.

> Anyway at least that name Firebird are spreading around :-)
> There is a saying here in Brazil that are more or less this:
> "Doesn't matter it they talk bad or good about me, what matters is that
> they are talking about me..."

Spin, spin, spin etc the to the tune of Spam, Spam etc