Subject Re: Firebird money matters
Author rogervellacott
This thread started with the observation that the vast majority of
us don't contribute money to the Foundation, and asked the questions:
- Why don't we contribute?
- Is there anything the Foundation can do to change our behaviour?

Some of the energy of this thread has been spent restating the
obvious truth that we OUGHT to contribute, and attacking those who
don't contribute. That response is unproductive, and changes

Given the vast numbers of Firebird users, even a relatively
unskilled mechanism to encourage contributions could have a
transforming effect on FF finances. So we should focus on designing
and selecting a mechanism for making this happen.

Here is another suggestion:

Create a register of Firebird users - not just members of the
Ask all developers to add themselves and their end users to the
register, together with their email addresses. Also, invite
registration as part of the download process.

On registration, and on each anniversary of registration, send an
email with very brief news on the Foundation, restating that
Firebird is a free database, and reminding them that it is time for
their annual, registration renewal. Registration is free, but a
voluntary registration fee of $xx is invited.

I think "voluntary registration fee" will elicit a bigger response
than "donation". As soon as I hear the word "donation", I am
reminded of all the other worthy causes which are asking for my
money, and my mind and body immediately become defensive. We have
all needed to learn how to ignore such appeals, and the Foundation
is not able to post pictures of starving developers to stir my
conscience, as far as I know.

This suggestion would require effort, and probably some money, but
it could pay for itself many times over.

Roger Vellacott