Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Firebird money matters
Author Paul Beach
> That may be true. But Paul did ask when the book first came out that it be
> purchased through the Foundation just for that little bit of extra revenue.

Not specifically true. I suggested that it be purchased through IBPhoenix,
not the Foundation/ IBPhoenix contributes to the project in its own ways...
The Foundation had nothing to do with financing the writing of the book,
publishing etc.

> However, the primary reason to buy the book is not to supply revenue to the
> Foundation. It is to support the publication of the book. The publishing
> business is such that if this version does not sell as hoped, the
> publisher, and probably any other publisher, will forego any second
> edition. We will NEED more editions covering Firebird 2.0 and beyond!
> So, the best way to help ensure they will be published is to buy more
> copies of the current edition. I have three - one to loan out, one to use,
> and a signed one to keep pristine.

IBPhoenix funded Helen throughout the writing of the book, and we share
royalties between Helen and IBPhoenix. To be truthful, I think we may have
about broken even on the cost of getting it done, v's the profits made from
the sale and the small amount of royalties we have received so far.