Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird money matters
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:50 AM 26/02/2006, Roger Vellacott wrote:
>Your Firebird book is excellent.


>I am amazed by your response to my suggestion. How can you think I
>was suggesting every user should donate 1 dollar?

Because you said "I am not familiar with Foundation finances,
but I would guess that even $1 per year from every FB user would
help a bit."

So it was, like the rest of the posting, a bit facetious.

> How can you
>proudly proclaim that the foundation "does not pay salaries", and at
>the same time moan that nobody has time to do anything?

Did I moan? I think I was pointing out another of the many
differences between MySQL AB and the Firebird Project. Still 'n'
all, if the message came through that the Firebird Project funding
comes from a very small proportion of the beneficiaries and has very
small and focused targets, then you did get the message intended.

> The message
>I hear from you seems to be, "the Foundation is short of money,
>short of time, short of developers, but don't you dare suggest that
>anything should change". Fair enough.

No, Roger, this looks like a deliberate misconstruction and not "fair
enough" at all. What on earth did I suggest shouldn't change? You
said we needed a mechanism, I pointed out that we've got one
already. The message there is - use it.