Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird money matters
Author Marcello Mannino
On 2/25/06, Dariusz Zelichowski <z_darius@...> wrote:
> Now on to the constructive chapter of my posting:
> How about posting an ad around a few dozen web developer's forums inviting web developers to revamp FB's foundation website (it needs a face lift real bad). Ask them to base it on FB, and somewhat on the existing Offer $1K or less.
> Or ask someone to write a simple BB forum based on Firebird, or adapt one of the existing ones to work with FB. Again, offer few hundred dollars as a reward. Firebird needs it's own BB. It doesn't look good to run FB sites on MySQL, or Postgress based BB's such as phpBB, or smaller ones. Firebird needs a regular BB forum. The listserv is based on ideas that were nice in ancient computer technology, but are way behind the times; cumbersome and pretty much user unfriendly.
> You'll be surprised how many people will jump at opportunities I am suggesting. The effect will be immeasurably more precious than the $1K spent towards the campaign.