Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Confused,I feel
Author Claus Heeg
Well I see it the same way.
there will be a dog-fight coming up among all DB FB IB MYSQL etc.
and commercials ORACLE DB2 M§SQL.
Unfortunately two wild-dogs have now a linkage.
MySQL will be armed with Jim's outstanding skill putting transactional features and FB goodies in there. And for FB even worse it will be done netfrastruture-way: in memory while FB is bound to slow disk!
When FB is a nice Bird - mysql will be an Killer-Eagle ready to
blow away all others. I am sure that MYsql will be a killer DB!

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From: "Steve Summers" <sesummers@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 11:06:30 -0500

>Pavel Cisar Wrote:
>Firebird and MySQL going after different spots? Don't get fooled. We
>compete, big time. This "message" should just easy some troubled minds,
>and if it really means anything, then that we don't want to see the
>other side destroyed and wiped out from the market (well, mostly). Call
>it "friendly competition" or whatever, but we definitely race for the
>market share. For MySQL it means more money, for FB project it
>translates into more resources for development and of course money for
>businesses built on top of FB.
>I think to the degree that there's any truth to the "we don't really compete" line, it's that MySQL is more targeted at the "web
>application back end" market, while Firebird is more targeted (and appropriate for) more traditional client/server apps, where
>FB's excellent stored procedures and triggers, transaction support, ease of deployment, and simple administration are more
>valuable than MySQL's raw speed (on non-transactional tables) and text searching functionality.
>Fortunately, there is plenty of un-penetrated market for BOTH products, that is currently occupied by products with far inferior
>"bang for the buck" ratios.
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