Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Confused,I feel
Author Ann W. Harrison
Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Firebird and MySQL going after different spots? Don't get fooled. We
> compete, big time.

I really don't see that. MySQL focuses on in-house applications,
whether they're private websites or enterprise-level data centers.
Firebird - both its code and its license - fits the needs of
commercial application developers.

> Call it "friendly competition" or whatever, but we definitely race
> for the market share.

Only if you look narrowly at the "open source database market".
Toyota doesn't compete with Airbus, though both provide vehicles
that transport people between Paris and Rome.

Data management is a huge market, artificially restricted by two
big players who are more interested in controlling their accounts
than growing the base. MySQL and Firebird grow the base and we
can help each other do it, if we want to, rather than p**sing on
each others shoes.