Subject Re: [Firebird-general] help list posting volume
Author Martijn Tonies
> > What would be the reason for that? My explanation would be that the
> > publication of the books by Cantu and Borrie drove the first decline
> > and the online manual stuff driving the second decline.
> >
> > The above is probably a self-serving explanation. Does anybody have a
> > better theory?
> I don't want to be the pessimist, but I think a lot of people are moving
> MySQL now that its finally getting out of the "baby database" world, and I
> think that SQL Server Express is taking a huge chunk of people as well,
> I think with SQL Server Everywhere coming that will take another chunk....
> I never understood why FB didn't do better over MySQL. MySQL was such an
> incredibly basic and IMO crippled DB.

That depends on how you look at it. For example, MySQL provided much
better connectivity (a few years back) and integration with PHP, for
It also has tons of build-in functions. Unlike Firebird.

Firebird, however, support transactions (InnoDB in MySQL was included
in v4.0), proper constraints, triggers, procedures and so on.

Indeed, MySQL has procedures, triggers and views now, but not quite
"up-to-speed" yet.

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