Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Bank of Brazil moving internal systems to Firebird
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Artur Anjos wrote:
> I receive today the news, from a fellow in CFLP that works at Bank of
> Brazil, that BB is moving internal systems to Firebird.
> This webpage (portuguese only) as a link to Firebird as well:
> that links to this one:
> A translation to english could be something like:
> "The enterprise applications from BBstore the data generated on is use,
> in order that you can consult them in case of necessity. This storage is
> done by Firebird Database Manager System".
> Maybe someone from Brazil will help me here, but I think BB it's the
> biggest bank of South America.
> Artur


BB is a estatal bank (don't know if it's the correct term but it's not a
private banking).

Here is a link for the site in English

A little history about BB from the times we were a Portuguese Colony
until 2004

here is a link showing the raniking of the biggest banks (in portuguese)

The Assets Total of BB is 264.634,93 millions of reais (divide by 2.13
to get a aproximate ammount in dollars)

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
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