Subject Re: FB 2.0 status update from Dmitry
Author Carlos H. Cantu
That is one of the best advantages of an OPEN online publishing
system. People don't have to wait or ask to publish something, they
just publish it, and everybody can enjoy.


--- In, "Paul Beach" <pabeach@w...>
> > > Why did he post it there, surely the devel list would have been
> > > more appropriate...
> >
> > The devel list is for developers and they know what's going on.
That info is
> > being asked by our users, hence the location of the topic. I'm not
> > however, whether it should be propagated into mailing lists (like the
> > support one)...
> Then as Helen says, the Firebird Project Website is probably the
best place
> for messages like this :-)
> Paul