Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Buying in? Selling out?
Author Lester Caine
Si Carter wrote:

>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>I'm still putting '05 on my cheques as well ;)
>>>Is that legal? ;-)
>>Probably not, but the banks don't bother to read them :) I
>>paid one in Friday from a customer that had '05 on !
> Consider yourself lucky, a cheque (in the uk) is only valid for 6 months
> from the date on it 8-|

Also the banks should not process 'post-dated' cheques but you try
getting compensation when they do - AND charge you because they take you
overdrawn ;)
The sooner we get over night clearance of electronic transfers rather
this con-job three/four days to clear already cleared funds .....
( It's just taken 11 days to get the funds from a re-mortgage into an
account where I can ACTUALLY use it - so I'm even more p****d of at the
moment :) and THEN they limit how much I can pay OUT each day :( )

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