Subject Re: Vote for Firebird slogan
Author paulruizendaal
AFAIK the status is this:
- Nigel compiled a list with all proposals
- Helen grouped the list into neat categories
- A proposal was made to "prune" the list
- Only one pruned list was posted

I would like to put forward again the proposal to use a voting system
to make the shortlist.

- put a poll together for each category (small ones combined)
- take the top 5 of each poll to a second poll

This should give us a list that can further spark our creativity and
can be 'tested' with the intended target audience.

Two offers have been made to host the poll, one by Sci and one by

Also, as far as I know, little has happened in the area of
whitepapers. May is a busy business month, so I guess everybody has
been working his/her hiny off.