Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Interbase vs Firebird..
Author Ann W. Harrison
Aage Johansen wrote:
> Hasn't there been posts (on Borland's NGs) from users who - after having
> tested 7.5 - went back to earlier version (7.2,perhaps)?

I haven't seen that exact combination, but there is a two-month-old
thread on bpi_general that asks whether 7.5 is safe to use (29 Mar) and
references threads starting 14 & 16 Feb on specific issues. The
problems don't seem horrible, and of course, the usual suspects reply
saying that they've run 14Gb databases 27/8/400 for two years on 7.5
without a hiccup.

According to one of the developers (Shanuk Mistry) Borland is planning
an SP1 in the near future and another SP is likely after that.