Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Interbase vs Firebird..
Author Aage Johansen
Martijn Tonies wrote:
>>>>I was as some trade show this past day and a vendor there
>>>>told me that Firebird has been horrible for reliability for
>>>>his clients and that Interbase is much more stable.
>>>An Interbase VAR would be my guess
>>Reseller? Am curious, because existing InterBase VARs moving to
>>Firebird state that
>>"its InterBase 7.x unreliability, tendency to
>>crash, new licensing scheme etc "
>>for using Firebird....
> Earlier releases of IB 7.x had some (speedy) service packs. From
> what I know 7.5 works fine.

Hasn't there been posts (on Borland's NGs) from users who - after having
tested 7.5 - went back to earlier version (7.2,perhaps)?

Aage J.