Subject Re[2]: [Firebird-general] Survey on the future of Delphi/Kylix
Author Fikret Hasovic
Hi Thomas,

Thursday, May 12, 2005, 2:18:37 PM, you wrote:

>> and about a 100% managed code database server.

TS> AFAIK they have something called NDataStore in the queue.

Yes, you're right!
And they claim that it's faster than MySQL ;)

Populate DB

Lower numbers are better

45.596 JDataStore local
51.775 NDataStore local
72.284 JDataSore remote
74.117 MySQL (no logging)
105.390 MySQL (with bin logging)

Create Indexes

Lower numbers are better

2.263 JDataStore remote
2.323 NDataStore local
2.754 JDataStore local
14.761 MySQL
16.233 MySQL with Bin logging

TPC-c New Orders

Higher numbers are better

7796 tpm NDataStore Local
6922 tpm JDataStore Local
6631 tpm MySQL (big advantage due to sync_binlog)
6526 tpm MySQL bin logging (big advantage due sync_binlog)
5988 tpm JDataStore Remote

The Java->C# converter also automatically translated all the tests which have been built for JDataStore over the years.

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TS> Thomas

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