Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Client Licenses against Firebird
Author Artur Anjos
syntap0 wrote:

>I want to keep
>the 5.6 client because I have a reserved word compatibility issue (a
>field named "TYPE") using the Firebird client and the built-in
>versioning parser in Firebird makes this a non-issue.
If I was in your situation, I will for sure contact one of the
developers and pay them to build me a specific client version without
this limitation. I think this will be easy for someone that knows the
code (so it will be a low-cost job), and it will allow you to get time
to fix your application until you will be able to use the standard Fb
client. (That's an advantage of Open Source - there are a lot of people
that can help you on this.)

There are also some advantages that are on the client side (like varchar
padding on the wire) that you can benefict.

If you want to do this, and you don't have a clue where to start, the
Firebird Foundation can easily help. Contact us.