Subject RE: [Firebird-general] FireBird gana el 2º puesto en INFO 2004
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
marius popa wrote:
> don't how to translate it
> here it is :

The Argentinian site is saying:
The Brasilian Magazine INFO's readers chose the winner of innovation with
the prize INFO 2004. (The link is
but really Oracle v/s Firebird is mentioned here
under "banco de dados"). How does it come that you don't understand
Portuguese, Marius?

I think Carlos Cantu or Artur Anjos are going to punish me for the bad
translation from Portuguese (cuz I'm converting from two languages that
aren't native to my rusty chips), but anyway:

banco de dados -> database
In a market estimated by IDC in 13.5 billion dollars and disputed byte per
byte, Oracle 10g shines due to an innovative proposal: to take advantage of
typical machines (they meant they aren't expensive servers) in companies,
making up clusters to process information. Oracle 10g received 78% of the
preferences. The preferred products at the right are:
- Oracle 10g from Oracle (of course).
- Firebird from FirebirdSQL Foundation.
(I really don't care if the owner is perceived as FF or FB Project, but
clearly it's better than other sites I've seen that attribute FB to IBP.)

Going back to the original site in Spanish, it continues:

It's interesting to note that in the SW Category, regarding DBs, FB got the
second place, only behind Oracle. (Personal note: I think Larry is going to
pay attention some day.) Also it showed without doubt that's capable for the
task/job. This also confirms Brazil as one of the main Firebird users in the
world after Russia. (The site uses the "free database" term instead of FB to
emphasize the nature of our product.)

Firebird also has Fyracle (, a patch doing each time
a better job to offer a compatibility mode with Oracle syntax.

End of Argentinian article.

This article is really funny:
For most people that don't understand Spanish in this list, "moco" is vulgar
term for the matter that goes out of the nose. A Spaniard registered and, MS demanded the names to be transferred to
them claiming violating of intellectual property laws to the OMPI
(, and that organization dismissed MS
They say that "moco" and "micro" have very different meaning and that "soft"
is a too overused suffix for several companies and thus the distinction
should be based on the aforementioned moco v/s micro.

LOL. Maybe is MS going to appeal to ICANN?