Subject Re: [firebird-php] OT: IBM Backs PHP for Web Development
Author marius popa
Lester Caine wrote:
> This gives a better idea what they are up to ;)
> Note that this is about getting Cloudscape a bigger audience - I've
> cross posted to firebird-general so a few more people see the 'problem'
yea speaking about benevolant T-Rex (ibm) . They need Derby as migration
tool for db2 :start coding with derby then when you need *real* database
db2 will pop-up as option (like ms is doing with msde/mssql)

"Zend Core for IBM will provide native PHP-connector integration with
IBM's Cloudscape database server.

The Cloudscape code currently resides with the Apache Software
Foundation and is being used in an incubator project, called Derby, that
will eventually serve as a code-based model for commercial versions of

Prial said the alliance with Zend is a prime opportunity to showcase
IBM's open-source database clout to a cost-conscious audience targeted
by open-source database vendors such as MySQL AB, PostgreSQL Inc. and
Db4objects Inc., as those vendors gain acceptance among larger
enterprise customers.

"As other open-source databases announce enterprise [offerings], we need
to hit some low-end [solutions]," said Prial. "Open source to IBM is a
deep commitment."",1759,1770352,00.asp


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