Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Microsoft ponders "open-source" database
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
> Actually, Dvorak has one or two interesting insights into the "MS-Linux"
> scheme. OK, a lot of the time Dvorak smokes funny cigarettes, but I do
> think he's got a point there...

Maybe he's got the point, but he misses the terminology by a mile.
Linux = kernel = drivers. He wants to take Linux out of Linux. Linux
is the kernel, everything else above it are the (GNU) applications.
Most of these are already ported to Windows, so yes, you can already
have Linux on top of Windows drivers. On Windows, I run cygwin, mingw,
many GNU tools and open source programs that make up a Linux
distribution. I have a Linux on Windows already, I don't see how a
"secret project" would change anything except the name and perhaps the
price. Also, KDE project has announced that they will soon have a
win32 native port available (although I'm not sure if there is a
market for that).

And yes, he is right. It is a way to kill Linux. But, no Microsoft
activity is needed for that, people who port their high-quality
applications to Windows are killing Linux. If one could run Apache,
PHP, Mozilla, Firebird, The Gimp, Gaim only on Linux, people might
have given up Windows already. There is an excellent article about
killing Linux here:

Milan Babuskov