Subject Re: [Firebird-general] the joys of mysql
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:

>>The sticky point is the database servers, where all the important
>>stuff is. Although we use MySQL's transactional InnoDB tables, they
>>can still sometimes be left in an unrecoverable state. Attempting to
>>bring up the master database and one of the slaves immediately after
>>the downtime showed corruption in parts of the database. We're
>>currently running full backups of the raw data on two other database
>>slave servers prior to attempting recovery on them (recovery alters
>>the data).
> SO why not switch to an engine that can actually handle transactions?
> Was the point of the post that you need some help doing that ?
> I see at present that wikipedia is unavailable again, perhaps now is the
> time to change ;)

OK I see where you are quoting from now. You should have linked to
That seems to bypass the non-operational main page ;)

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