Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Patent Portfolio
Author Ann W. Harrison
Ivan Prenosil wrote:

>>The best of the Borland patents that I know of is the patent on the
>>scheme for representing multi-level collations ...
> Does it mean anything to Firebird ? E.g. can the Borland guy come
> and claim some fees from Firebird developers/users ?
No. A large section of the Mozilla license - and therefore ours -
covers the release of patent rights in code contributed under the open
source license. It's closely worded and hard to follow but three
intellectual property firms read it and blessed it before the source was
released. Borland released its interest in patented material in "the
source code" - but not for use in other projects. And the patent is
owned by Borland - the 'inventor' of record sold the rights to them.