Subject Re: [seriously OT] Well, disaster just struck...
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, "Martijn Tonies" wrote:
> > > 11 months until the next Firebird conference... and only 1 bag
> > > of Bamsemums left... :-(
> > >
> > > Martijn Tonies
> >
> > Is the date of next conference already determined ?
> > If it will be one month sooner, than the Prague will be nicer
> > (autumn colors), and the weather may be warmer (hence higher
> > probability that Helen could come).
> >
> > Martijn, will you survive 10 months without Bamsemums ?
> I still have 1 bag ... so I have to get one at a time and avoid
> taking a couple ... but once you get started on these things...
> Yummie.

There are other options as well. You could give a 5 or 10% discount on
Database Workbench to everybody that sent an email to firmapost <at> (with bcc to you) urging them to selling Bamsemums at one
particular shop at EV Oss in The Netherlands (you know which shop you
prefer, but talk to the owner before starting such a campaign). Though
beware, if successful I assume this could lead to a similar campaign
being started for a particular shop in Salzburg to sell Gjendekjeks...

Another option is - of course - to buy a CD from Silver
( for Linda for Christmas and add some Bamsemums
to that particular order.

By the way, your taste is not too bad - Nidar (the producer of
Bamsemums) won the "European Candy Kettle Award" this year

-Bamsemums dealer