Subject Re: Firebird and SQL Server DTS
Author John Bacchiocchi
--- In, "Claudio Valderrama C."
<cvalde@u...> wrote:
> John Bacchiocchi wrote:
> > Has anyone has success with Firebird and SQL Server DTS. I am
> > trying to sell my company on Firebird for a client side
database. John
> What do you need for that? Special support or an OLE_DB provider?
> C.
We support two database products on our servers: Oracle and SQL
Server. We are using SQL server for reporting and formatting using
DTS. We are thinking about using a database that has a small
footprint on our client software that interacts with the server
instead of using flat files that has many limitations. I have used
Interbase in the past and really liked it and was thinking that we
could use it on the presentation layer. However, I wanted to know
if anyone has had any experience with the firebird driver and SQL
Server for DTS.