Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Postgres!
Author Martijn Tonies

> > What's "ordms"? Object Relational mapping stuff?
> I am new to it too. General idea is OR mapping is not an ideal
> solution and the objects really belong in the database. ORDMS allow
> you to create your own complex data types such as the address data
> type. Very convenient and you can query simpler.

Creating your own complex types and creating code
to perform operations on those types is, I believe, the
exact definition of "domains" or true "user defined types".

> Another great advantage is you can inherit tables.
> > Custom/more advanced Procedural languages are pretty nice.
> > It might be that Firebird 2 or 2.5 has a Java stored procedure
> > language... Don't pin me down on it though ;-)
> Well! I really wish it does. I really like Python but Java is good
> enough for me. Postgres Python support is not perfect yet.

Well, if this idea comes through, it might just be that there's
a new interface for plugin languages in Firebird.

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