Subject Re: [Firebird-general] XML / Philip Copeman
Author Lester Caine
Johan van Zyl wrote:

> TurboCash is VERY well established accounting package (it is now open
> source) and is developed in Delphi using Paradox at the moment. He is
> looking to move to another databse, he is leaning towards MySQL and I want
> him to switch to FireBird. He is aiming to have 2 million TurboCash users at
> a stage. Wouldn't it be nice if they all used FireBird?

Moving a Delphi application from Paradox to Firebird should be a 'no
brainer' - I wouldn't expect the same for MySQL so I don't see what the
problem is ;)

> So I am trying to get Philip to get involved in this mailing list and took
> it upon myself to post some of his opinions here.

I for one share his views of Borland :)
And I treat MySQL with the same suspicion - THEY will WANT a cut of 2
million users - Firebird would just LINE a cut ;)

> Please bear with me/us. I would really like a major accounting system to
> switch to FireBird.

*I* would love to kick Sage into touch, and a Firebird based package
would attract me, but we are missing information! Is the idea to replace
delphi with something else as well? In which case create a web based
package? So restricting to a particular engine is counter productive,
and may users have no option BUT to use MySQL because of the blinkered
view of the ISP's ?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services