Subject Re: [Firebird-general] XML (was: Web Administration of Firebird)
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Friday 23 July 2004 07:20, Martijn Tonies wrote:


> XML is human readable crap used to exchange data between systems
> that don't need human readable crap with too much bandwidth to spend :-)

Regardless of if you like XML or not, it has been a godsend in the industry I
work in. Our systems need to work with a lot of other systems, and in
previous years each system had its own 'interface', as did ours, and a lot,
and I mean a lot, of work was needed to get everything working together.
Since man+dog has now adopted XML, as log as all the systems read/write XML,
life is a lot, lot easier, almost painless.

Whilst I am a strong beliver in 'systems' reading/writing XML, I am not
convinced that this is something a Database engine should do.