Subject Re: [Firebird-general] mysql is not alone :)
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 08:37 AM 4/14/2004, marius popa wrote:
>mysql is not alone in displacing mssql ...

Wow! One rarely sees so many misconceptions in a single article.

"The venture-backed company's revenue doubled last year to $12 million (10
million euros), and more growth is expected."

$12 Million is peanuts. No, peanut shells, maybe peanut shell
dust. InterBase was earning that much when we sold the company to
Ashton-Tate - more if you factor 13 years of inflation. We were barely a
blip in the database market and that market has grown a lot. InterBase
makes more than that for Borland today and nobody considers them a player
of any sort.

"Microsoft staged its own rags-to-riches story with database software in
the mid-1990s by buying a low-end product to compete with Oracle and IBM."

They didn't by a low end product, they bought the exclusive right to
repackage and re-engineer Sybase for their platforms. Sybase was one of
the top three databases. The database was a player and one of the "big
boys", even though the platform was considered laughable.

"Microsoft is ... arguably leaving a gap at its low-cost starting point."

As for leaving the low-end unguarded, MSDE is about as low cost as you're
going to get.

Reading between the lines, it looks as if MySQL's new management has
decided to take on the commercial database market. I wish them luck.