Subject Re: Firebird download page
Author Svein Erling
Is that the kind of page that we are discussing? I thought the point
was having a page more easily accessible for newcomers - i.e. those
that ask "where can I find Firebird for Windows/Linux?" and "how do I
use/administer this database?". Sure, it should be updated
occationally (though I think the time issue is more 'Martijn, can you
check if there are any new official releases to put onto our web page
when you get back from holiday' than 'alert, this must be updated
within 24 hours'), but those interested in the latest beta releases
could be directed to SourceForge.

Or am I just rambling on out of ignorance?

> > Why is it so hard to maintain the Downloads page? Can you
> > clarify that statement?
> Counting all packages, not only the engine itself, there is usually
> a big turnaround, especially when one adopts aggressive release
> cycle for betas etc. The rest of problem is timing, because one must
> update the page very quickly, in worst case in 24 hours from first
> announcement about release, preferably in hours / immediately. It's
> not easy for a volunteer to commit to these requirements for long
> time. When update slips, the whole Download page gets useless, as
> people quickly learn to go directly to SourceForge page instead.