Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird download page (was: Why MySQL is better...)
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Pavel,

About firebird-website:

>> Yes, that IS the right place. But that newsgroup seems pretty dead;
>> last time I asked something website-related I didn't get an answer.
> Really ? When and about what ?

1 Feb 2004, "Placing docs at". I asked some
questions but 10 days later there was still no reaction. So I posted
a somewhat ironic followup and then sent you a direct email (to which
you responded promptly).

>> It would be good if it came alive though. But if we talk there it
>> only makes sense if Pavel follows it too, because he's the person
>> responsible for the website.
> Sure I'me there and will follow any discussion about Fb website.


Paul Vinkenoog