Subject Re: Firebird download page (was: Why MySQL is better...)
Author darcyoneil
I agree that the Firebird site needs to be a bit more user friendly. I
do design for a living and would be willing to help when I have some
time. Anyone care to disucss it on the firebird-website newsgroup?


> Good point!
> On the SF Files page, the average (new) user doesn't see the wood for
> the trees. We need a simple download page, and links to it from the
> project homepage and (possibly) the Summary page. Such a download page
> doesn't have to contain each and every source, debug or tool package.
> Just the mainstream releases for the different OS'es, and a pointer to
> the Files page for whoever wants to see more.
> Pavel, are you following this thread?
> If this is generally considered a good idea but nobody has the time,
> I volunteer to make such a page.
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog