Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird download page (was: Why MySQL is better...)
Author Pavel Cisar

On 31 Mar 2004 at 13:17, Paul Vinkenoog wrote:

> On the SF Files page, the average (new) user doesn't see the wood for
> the trees. We need a simple download page, and links to it from the
> project homepage and (possibly) the Summary page. Such a download page
> doesn't have to contain each and every source, debug or tool package.
> Just the mainstream releases for the different OS'es, and a pointer to
> the Files page for whoever wants to see more.
> Pavel, are you following this thread?

Yep, I'm here :-)

My opinion is that we have such page before, and it didn't worked well.
It's a maintenance nightmare, believe me, I've do that for long.

I would rather suggest another solution: change the download link from
Files page to Summary page where all packages are digestedly listed, and
links will take you to page listing *only* those files relevant to given

After all, there is also another way to get directly to such page for ten
latest releases right on our main page maintained automatically from SF
RSS feeds.

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