Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Why MySQL is better than PostgreSQL - the User Experience
Author Martijn Tonies
> Martijn Tonies wrote:
> >
> God, what a long post, he rambles on and on and on... and his only point
> was that he could not get an easy pointy-n-clicky installer for
> PostgreSQL on Windows... Little does he know of course that PG doesn't
> have a native win32 port yet :-)

Who cares - as long as the install is a breeze :-)

But it's not only because of the installer. It's also the website -> the
MySQL website is very very clear, on everything (except their license
maybe), it's easy to find what you want, to check the changes between
releases (no need to download) and to get an actual download for
your platform. This is MUCH harder on the PG website... Believe me,
I tried ;-)

That being said - downloading from the Firebird website isn't
exactly a two click job either... :-/ ... You get a list with a
gazillion options and the latest (1.5) SS for Windows is somewhere
near the bottom. Why not create a simple "download" page with
the versions and platforms listed instead of that nasty Sourceforge

> As for myself, I have to admit: PG offers the best experience, much more
> so than MySQL and FB. PG is very natural/comfortable especially for Unix
> users. For example: a) it can use Unix security for database
> authentication so you don't need to enter passwords to access your own
> database; b) psql command line client is much much nicer than mysql or
> isql); c) you can do things like "ps ax" to see database activity.
> Compared to FB, PG doesn't have quirks/limitations like short index
> length, "commit after each DDL otherwise strange things happen", or the
> current database being very "black box-y". But I'm surely hoping FB will
> improve in these areas.
> I don't care for MySQL at all, let the clueless newbies use them. They
> deserve each other.
> It's good actually to have MySQL for the dummies, as FB & PG mailing
> lists are not too much cluttered by so many irritating and clueless
> questions (see the mysql@... for comparison... :-)

Yep, I'm on that list ;-)

Martijn Tonies