Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Why MySQL is better than PostgreSQL - the User Experience
Author David Garamond
Martijn Tonies wrote:

God, what a long post, he rambles on and on and on... and his only point
was that he could not get an easy pointy-n-clicky installer for
PostgreSQL on Windows... Little does he know of course that PG doesn't
have a native win32 port yet :-)

As for myself, I have to admit: PG offers the best experience, much more
so than MySQL and FB. PG is very natural/comfortable especially for Unix
users. For example: a) it can use Unix security for database
authentication so you don't need to enter passwords to access your own
database; b) psql command line client is much much nicer than mysql or
isql); c) you can do things like "ps ax" to see database activity.

Compared to FB, PG doesn't have quirks/limitations like short index
length, "commit after each DDL otherwise strange things happen", or the
current database being very "black box-y". But I'm surely hoping FB will
improve in these areas.

I don't care for MySQL at all, let the clueless newbies use them. They
deserve each other.

It's good actually to have MySQL for the dummies, as FB & PG mailing
lists are not too much cluttered by so many irritating and clueless
questions (see the mysql@... for comparison... :-)