Subject Re: [Firebird-general] firebird documentation wiki?
Author marius popa
Paul Vinkenoog wrote:
> Hello Chris,
>>>They are available as a draft as well.
>>Where from?
> You can get any drafts from the CVS tree. See
> and follow the
> link to the Docbuilding Howto for detailed instructions.
> That said, at the moment there isn't much difference between "draft"
> and published versions.
> I also think we should be careful with what we publish. The goal is to
> produce _reliable_ docs. If we publish drafts which later turn out to
> contain many errors, these may haunt us for a long time!
> And yes, please come over to the firebird-docs list! :-)

If someone wants there is an page on wikipedia where he/she can
upload/edit firebird docs

All you need is to register as user

ps: don't know if is a good ideea ...