Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird in the news: InformationWeek -- Popularity Growing For Open-Source Databases
Author Toni Martir
> T> IBAccess is near (
> Mmm... not quite there.

I understand.

> 3MBs' worth does not match our definition of "low footprint". :-)

It can be cut down, not qt-lib, not syntax highlighting...,to less than 1
Megabyte or less, but
this is not the main point.

> Big drawback. FbManager's aim is to be available on all the platforms
> on which IBPP and wxWidgets are available.

I agree a thin/cross platform introductory gui may be great and very good
for Firebird. I think using wxWidgets and C++ is a hard (in time) job to
design a simple
gui with connection admin and executing sql sentences (using Delphi is
really easy).
But of course you obtain more cross platform and no dependence from Borland.