Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird in the news: InformationWeek -- Popularity Growing For Open-Source Databases
Author Nando Dessena

>> - cross platform portability
>> - low footprint
>> - open source/free software license
>> show me one and nobody will have to reinvent the wheel. :-)

T> IBAccess is near (

Mmm... not quite there.

T> The cross platform is limited to Linux and Windows.

Big drawback. FbManager's aim is to be available on all the platforms
on which IBPP and wxWidgets are available.

T> The low footprint is true in Windows

3MBs' worth does not match our definition of "low footprint". :-)
Something between 500 and 800 KBs is a more realistic goal if it has
to be distribute with Firebird itself.

T> but in Linux requires a bit more footprint.

I have seen it. Way too much for the purpose.
Nando Dessena