Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird in the news: InformationWeek -- Popularity Growing For Open-Source Databases
Author Nando Dessena

C> There are third party tools available that do a great job.

unfortunately none of them fulfills all these requirements:

- cross platform portability
- low footprint
- open source/free software license

show me one and nobody will have to reinvent the wheel. :-)

C> The one we use is IBExpert. There is the cut down version of IBExpert for
C> example, which is free (not sure if it is free just for personal use, or
C> free for business use as well).

Personal, AFAIK.

C> There are quite a few others as well.

Yep. All of which will build their success on being more feature rich
than the basic GUI tool that will ship with Firebird. Please read the
past threads in this list, otherwise you risk repeating what has
already been said about it.

Nando Dessena