Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Firebird-1.5.0.xx
Author Paul Beach
> Can someone briefly explain the differences between

Debug Build, that can be used to step through source code if also installed.


Embedded Server


Zip file thta contains the binaries that can be copied into a firebird
directory, or used to build your own firebird installation routine


Official install package using Inno

> b) Since we are working on JavaServer Pages (JSP), we have a need for
> a "good" JDBC driver. We've heard about JBird, but could not find it
> under the firebird download area. Can someone describe what are these
> other drivers:
> b.1) firebird-jca-jdbc-driver

Thats jaybird

> b.2) jdbc-InterClient -> we assume this is the Borland InterServer
> InterClient driver, please confirm

Thats the old "borland" Class 2 Driver.

> c) We assume that under firebird-addons, the FbConfigManager for v1.5
> is similar to the InterBase IBConsole, please confirm

Nope. Its used to to manage the configuration file.

> d) What about firebird-benchmarks, is this used to simulate load and
> test FireBirdSQL?


> e) We are unsure the use of firebird-net-provider. Any comments?

for .NET development.

>Sorry for asking too many questions, but unless a summary document
>exists explaining all these modules, it gets difficult for a new user
>to download and start working efficiently.

Try here.