Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Server crash (FB1.5 SS final windows)
Author Bob Murdoch
At 2/24/2004 11:07 AM, Leyne, Sean wrote:
> > >What normally causes this error? could it be udf related?
> >
> > Arrgh. I was hoping that problem was fixed in the release version.
> > been plagued by it with the RC versions.
>Funny! (Not) I don't recall seeing any messages from you reporting any
>Did I miss something?
>Did you report it to the development list?

No, reported them on firebird-support.

First reported the access violation on 12/8, although at that time it
appeared to all involved that it was a UDF issue.
Reported a corrupt db on 1/26.
Reported wrong page type on 2/17.

All of this has been on RC6, so I didn't make a big deal about it since I
was so far behind the latest release. In fact, I said this to Ann in a
private message "I keep holding my breath waiting for the official release
or total meltdown, which ever comes first <g>."

Bob M..